Information for Individuals and Organisations hiring Gayton Village Hall

If you need to call the emergency service the address of the hall is Church Lane, Gayton, Map reference: SJ 978 289.  You will need to provide your own mobile phone for emergency calls.

Maximum Permitted Occupancy

The hall has a maximum permitted occupancy of 116 people


In accordance with the Licensing Laws and our Premises Licence, the sale of alcohol can only be made by the Village Hall volunteer staff who are duly authorised by the Personal Licence Holder as required by the Licensing Act 2003.

Fire Safety

As the responsible person for the event/function, etc. you have legal duties with regards to the safety of those persons assisting or attending the event. Before the event or function you should be aware of:



  • The fire alarm for the hall and how it is operated
  • The location of fire exits from the hall and how the fire exits are opened in an emergency
  • How an evacuation of the premises should be carried out and where people should assemble
  • How to call the emergency services
  • The maximum numbers of people allowed in the hall

Before the event or function you should decide:



  • Your arrangements for fighting fire    
  • Your arrangements for managing evacuation of the hall
  • Your specific arrangements for the evacuation of people especially at risk (elderly/disabled/children)
  • Your arrangements for calling the emergency services
  • Which of your helpers/volunteers will carry out these duties
  • How you will proceed if the fire alarm/emergency lighting is out of order

At the start of the event or function you should notify all those present about:

  • The no smoking policy in the hall
  • The fire alarm signal
  • The location of fire exits            
  • The fire assembly point

During the event or function you should ensure that:

  • Escape routes and exits do not become blocked   
  • The no smoking policy is complied with  
  • No naked flames are started
  • That noise levels cannot drown out the fire alarm
  • That the hall is not overcrowded and if necessary limit the numbers present



Health and Safety

As the person responsible for the event/function, etc. you have a legal dutywith regard to the safety of those persons assisting or attending the event. Before the event or function you should be aware that:





  •  •  A First Aid box is provided in the hall. This is located in the hallway by the toilets
  • Gayton Village Hall does not allow you to bring any hazardous substance into the hall without prior     approval.
  • There is a log burning stove in the hall. Only hall volunteers should use this stove. It is not for use by organisations individuals hiring the hall.
  • If you move any table or chairs you must remember than one person may not lift more than 25Kgs
  • The toilet and kitchen areas have non slip floor surfaces. However if you spill any water of other liquids you should mop them up immediately
  • If you serve food you are responsible for compliance with Food Hygiene legislation
  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited on the premises, due to the hall's location and proximity to livestock.



Cancellation Policy

In then event of a booking cancellation the following charges will apply.
Less than 1 week before the event:  100% of hire fee
1 to 2 weeks before the event:    75% of hire fee
2 to 3 weeks before the event:    50% of hire fee
More than 3 weeks before the event:    25% of hire fee

Disability Access Information for Gayton Village Hall

In March 2007, to ensure compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act, an access statement was completed for the village hall.  This statement examines the issue of access for all to the hall and details the special features that have been put in place. These features are outlined below.

Car parking: The hall has its own car park with two spaces specifically allocated for persons with disabilities

Wheelchair access to site: Wheelchair users will not be able access the hall using the steps from Church Lane, They will be able to use the ramped drive to the car park

Entrance to/egress from the building: The entrance to the hall provides level access without steps.   There are no changes to floor level inside the Hall nor to other exits to outside.

Physical adaptations:

The Hall will contain no fixed furniture, nor standard layout. Furniture/equipment layout will take account of needs identified (e.g. spaces for wheelchairs in seating rows, reserved seating for people with sight or hearing impairment, etc.).

The height of the majority of the kitchen units has been reduced to a height that allows use by wheelchair users.

The bar/servery is at standing height. Table service will be provided for people who cannot stand at the bar. Individuals can obtain this service by a push bell, with an explanatory label, adjacent to the bar/servery.

Funding has been obtained for an induction loop for the hall and the system will be fitted as soon as possible.

A disabled toilet has been built to accommodate wheelchair users.

There is a non-slip floor surface in the kitchen and toilets.

To assist people with visual impairments colour schemes have been selected to provide contrast between walls and floors, between doors and walls and between floors and fixed furniture.



We require a £50 deposit before a booking can be confirmed. Where you do not pay for a cleaning service, there will be a deduction to cover the cost of cleaning if you do not leave the Hall as you found it. The deposit will be returned after your event, subject to any deductions as notified to you

Please read & agree to the following before booking